An Ostara Meditation

March 14, 2011 at 3:49 pm (Hidden Inspirations, Ostara)

The wind blows through the still leafless trees as you walk along the forest path. The sky is blue and the day is bright. The ground below is wet from melting snow and patches of ice still cling to the hollows of the fallen trees along the rocky trail.   A closer inspection of the bushes and trees lining the trail reveals small buds, newly formed and still closed on stark branches, awaiting the day they will open and spread themselves to the warm rays of the spring sun.

The air is chill, but not unbearably cold as you continue along the path. Turning downward the trail meets and then runs along the side of a small stream, the babbling of the water soothing to you as it flows towards some unknown destination.  A thin layer of ice coats some of the rocks in the stream, but you can tell that the ice is thinning, since a month ago there was no stream visible here at all.

Water, emerging from the spongy ground where you step, gives quiet testimony to the fact that the ground has thawed. On the side of the path, small green heads of snowdrop flowers peek out of the ground, having just broken through to embrace the light. In a few weeks they will be in full bloom and their beauty will herald in many more flowers as spring turns towards summer.

Several small trees bear the telltale markings of beavers, recently emerged from hibernation to begin their spring building and courting. They are tireless creatures, peaceful yet easily angered if their work is disturbed!

As you stand admiring the depth of the forest around you, a cardinal lands on a nearby branch quizzically looking at you, waiting for you to leave so that he can continue building his nest.  You smile as you realize that his presence signals the beginning of the return of many types of birds. Soon the woodland will be alive with the sounds of birds, especially woodpeckers seeking an early meal from trees softened by the wet thaw of the season.

Continuing your journey, you emerge from the forest into a clearing by a lake: The mystery of the stream’s destination solved.  Above, a hawk flies by soaring on currents of wind; and you imagine what it might be like to fly through the air while looking down on the forest below and realizing that shortly it will be green, growing, and alive with the grace of the Goddess.

As you stand there, lost in thought, the sun begins to set and the air turns colder.  While spring is definitely here, you realize that the shadow of winter past still covers the land.  You smile as you turn towards home.  Everything is exactly the way it is supposed to be…


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Stirrings of Spring

February 18, 2011 at 1:11 pm (Hidden Inspirations)

The weather has broken a bit here in Southeastern PA.  The solid sheet of ice and snow surrounding my home has thawed and my dog, Luna, is enjoying the fact that she can smell grass and dirt again.  Of course, she also enjoys tracking said grass and dirt into the house on her paws!

In order to fully enjoy the warmer weather, the whole family took Luna for a walk last night; and while we paused for her to check “pee-mail” on a nearby telephone pole, I noticed buds on some of the bushes surrounding my neighbor’s yard.  What this signals to me is that Spring is definitely here; and while we may still get more snow, it should be fleeting in its sojourn on the ground.

Now according to the calendar on my desk, spring isn’t officially here until March 21st. In fact each season on the calendar is marked to start a month and a half to two months later than it actually starts in my geographical area.

I’m very lucky because the actual beginnings and ends of the various seasons correspond directly to the traditional Witches’ Sabbats.  Imbolc is the beginning of spring, Beltane – Summer, Lammas – Fall, Samhain – Winter.  Celebrating the themes of the sabbats is easy for me, because I can actually experience those themes in the world around me.

I think it might be harder for people without four defined seasons to feel the energies of those seasons.  For example, it might be kind of difficult to feel the vibrations of winter in the Bahamas!

Therefore, I’m going to work on several descriptive / guided meditations that people can use to attune themselves better to the energies of each sabbat as if they actually lived in an area where they could experience those energies.  I’m going to start with Ostara and I hope to have the first meditation posted shortly!

Happy Spring!


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Seasonal Spellcraft – Growing Love

April 19, 2010 at 1:25 am (Hidden Inspirations)

©Karas Myr 2010

Spring has definitely sprung and summer is on the way. Beltane is nearly here and it is a great time for couples to reconnect with each other. Many times couples in today’s world, while living together, actually live two separate lives. They may sit in different rooms; they may have different hobbies, different friends, and different schedules.
This spell works on growing the love between two people, but only if they are willing to invest some time and cooperation to help it along. It’s a personal favorite of mine.

Growing Love

Spell Intention:

Grow and develop a healthy love!


    Your favorite bulb or seed
    Your garden (or) flower pot, planter or window box
    Potting soil
    Light of some sort!
    Your special someone!

Physical Movements and Action:

    1. Decide on one or two nights a week that both you and your partner are available at the same time. Set up an appointment with each other if you must!

    2. Make a solemn vow and promise to get together on the decided day(s) each and every week without fail!

    3. On your first “date night” start the spell.

    4. Take turns putting some dirt into the bottom of your container of choice and then take a seed or bulb and hold it between you as you kiss.

    5. Plant the seed in the dirt and take turns filling in the rest of the soil.

    6. Once finished take turns lightly watering the soil. Don’t over water!

    7. If inside, place the container in a well-lighted area.

    8. Continue watering and caring for the seed all year long!

Words Spoken:

As you combine the soil, seed and water in the container, say the following 3 times:

As we plant this seed of love,
While pouring water from above;
Let our love grow pure and strong
And keep on growing all year long!


Enjoy your new plant or flower and the love that has grown with it!

This spell can be easily modified to bring love into your life or to help you learn to love

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Excerpt from the bard’s Corner…

October 21, 2009 at 3:16 pm (Bard's Corner, Hidden Inspirations)


© Karas Myr

“Starlight shimmers through autumn leaves,
rustling in the midnight breeze.
Pumpkins glow bright in soft moonlight,
as shadows dance in firelight,
flickering from a shadowed glade,
where strange and wild music’s played,
Imbued with magic, myth and lore,
haunting the soul forevermore.
Where spirits dance around the ring,
and faeries laugh and love and sing,
while souls departed long before,
return to walk the earth once more.”

Make sure to visit the Bard’s Corner of Hidden Inspirations!

Seasonal Spellcraft

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Random Spells and Prayers

October 3, 2009 at 3:23 pm (Hidden Inspirations, Prayers)

New Blog Format!

Now that we are using this excellent new blog format, I’ve decided to expand the scope of this column a bit and include additional content from time to time.

I’ve also decided to start using my magical name with my work as well since I recently found out that there is another John M. Fritz who is also an author.

Prelude to the unknown…

“It was a blustery fall day.  The leafless trees stood against a darkened sky like sentinels awaiting the onslaught of winter as John M. Fritz disappeared into the forest only to return as Karas Myr, writer, poet, and witch.”

Nightmare Protection Prayer

© Karas Myr

History: I wrote this prayer when my daughter was having nightmares every night.  Thanks to the Goddess, her nightmares disappeared.

Intention: Ask the Goddess for protection against nightmares.

Physical Components: None.

Preparation: None.

Action:At bedtime say the following prayer by yourself or with your child. If the child is too young to say the prayer, then modify it a bit and say their name and “him / her” instead of “me / I”. You get the idea…

“The sun has set and darkness falls.
The peace of restful sleep now calls.
A bed lies ready, warm and dry.
Mother Goddess, please hear my cry.
If wicked dreams should come this night,
protect me with thy holy light,
and let me rest without the fear
of any phantoms coming near,
until the night’s dispelled by day;
and sunshine keeps my fears at bay.”

Please let me know how this works for you!

Brightest Blessings,

Karas Myr

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